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         Magdaliz & Her Latin Ensemble Crisol

Magdaliz and Her Latin Ensemble CRISOL, Spanish for melting pot, is an ensemble that has been performing in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas since 1997. This group is dedicated to the interpretation of a variety of folk and traditional music genres from all over Latin America and the Caribbean (e.g. Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, and other wonderful places).

Magdaliz serves as the backbone of Crisol, while the other musicians vary depending on their schedule and the nature of the performance.

Magdaliz and Her Latin Ensemble Crisol is available as small as a Soloist, and as big as a Septet Latin band, for weddings, parties, special events, concerts, festivals, Mexican Mariachi music (Cinco de Mayo), and many other affairs.

We will give your guests a night to remember with beautiful songs from all over Latin America.

Search the rest of our website for more information, upcoming events, photos,  availability, and to check some of our previous engagements (including our performances at the Kimmel Center, TV appearances, concerts, and much more).


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